Out Of The Ashes, Something More Terrible, More Strange And Beautiful.

Tom's Burned Down Cafe'/Phoenix Gallery

In Lake Superior - On Madeline Island

Home Of The Middle Road Literary/Arts Society, Inc.

#1 Middle Road - Box 222 - LaPointe, Wisconsin 54850

715/747-6100 phoenix@cheqnet.net

In 2001 You Will Be Able To Enjoy A Round Of Good Beer, Good Food, Hot Tunes And Cheap Fine Wine With Tom & French Larry

Special Prices For Geeks! Mention Our Page.

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    Hope you will be here soon for Art, Water, Baseball, Sex and Beer.

    Any Questions about our Summer? Phone us at 1-715-747-6100. If you want personal info, please send e-mail to the following address: phoenix@cheqnet.net


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